Climate Change and Water Quality
in the Great Lakes Basin

Report of the
Great Lakes Water Quality Board
to the International Joint Commission

August 2003

ISBN 1-894280-42-3

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Part 3 (PDF file; 4.1 MB)
Part 4 and 5 (PDF file; 17.3 MB)

Part 1 - Executive Summary
- Background th the Climate Change Issue and the White Paper's Findings
Part 2 - The Water Quality Board's Advice to the International Joint Commission
Part 3 - Risks, Opportunities, and Responses
  1. Introduction
  2. Climate Change Variability and Change in the Great Lakes Watershed
  3. Consequences of Regional Climate Change: Overview of Potential Impacts
  4. Specific Implications For Beneficial Uses Identified In The Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement
  5. Primer On Adaptation To Climate Change
  6. Adaptation Measures For Consideration
  7. Research Needs
  8. Summary
Part 4 - Summary of the Climate Change Workshop
Part 5 - Cross Border Tools and Strategies