On October 8, 1998 the Black River Remedial Action Plan (RAP) and International Joint Commission's Great Lakes Water Quality Board co-sponsored a public symposium in Lorain, Ohio. The participants of the event were challenged by the symposium theme of "Protecting What's Been Gained in the Black River." Over 125 decision-makers from governments at all levels, industries, environmental groups, faculty and students from surrounding universities, and concerned citizens gathered to:

This symposium was designed to be an action-oriented public meeting and to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas pertaining to watershed management. The event began with research presentations focusing on improvements in the river and what remains to be done in terms of future action. Breakout sessions were used in the afternoon portion of the program to spur interaction between Water Quality Board members, Black River RAP Coordinating Committee members, key watershed stakeholders, and concerned citizens on specific issues related to the protection and rehabilitation of the Black River watershed.

The Symposium was well received by all participants. Conclusions and recommendations from the day's proceedings were compiled by the Symposium Steering Committee and include the following (please consult the summaries of the afternoon breakout sessions for more detailed discussion and recommendations):