Addressing Concerns for Water Quality Impacts
from Large-Scale Great Lakes Aquaculture

Based on a Roundtable
Co-hosted by the Habitat Advisory Board of the Great Lakes Fishery Commission
the Great Lakes Water Quality Board of the International Joint Commission

August, 1999


The roundtable was designed to share current experiences and perspectives relevant to aquaculture in the Great Lakes basin and to solicit management advice (Appendix 1). Approximately 50 people attended, including representatives from government, academia, industry, First Nations, and environmental nongovernmental organizations (Appendix 2).

The roundtable began with a series of background talks on aquaculture, familiarizing participants with the current situation in the Great Lakes. These background talks were followed by a series of case study presentations outlining aquaculture experiences and lessons from Ontario, Michigan, Minnesota, and British Columbia. At the end of day one, roundtable participants developed some key messages from the day and addressed the following questions:

On day two, two breakout groups discussed and answered key questions regarding water quality impacts of Great Lakes aquaculture. The questions addressed included:

Following the breakout sessions, participants reconvened in plenary to receive breakout session reports and develop some conclusions and recommendations.