Areas of Concern - Special Report

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Chapter 2

Areas of Concern

Purpose of this Report

Responsibilities of the Commission

Responsibilities of the Governments

Remedial Action Plan Process



Responsibilities of the Governments

Federal governments-in cooperation with state and provincial governments, and in consultation with local governments and communities-were to jointly develop and cooperatively implement the Remedial Action Plans [GLWQA, Annex 2, Section 2(e)]. The governments assigned personnel-whether federal or state/provincial, assisted by agency technical and scientific experts-to define and describe the environmental problems, the impaired beneficial uses, the degree of impairment and the geographic extent of such impairment. The governments were also to define the causes of the impairments and describe all known sources and other possible sources of pollutants. This information makes up the content of a Stage 1 report.

Public advisory committees were assembled in most Areas of Concern to work with the governments on a plan to restore beneficial uses. These committees typically had representatives from multiple sectors, possessing unique points of view and representing particular stakeholder groups.

Federal and state governments, working with local governments and communities, selected actions necessary to restore beneficial uses. These recommended actions are the basis for Stage 2 reports.

As previously noted, the governments also are required to report biennially on progress, including the status of beneficial uses. The only comprehensive report was prepared in 1994.