The following specific comments and corrections regarding statements in the Progress Report
were submitted by respondents.
1) Page 35:  The New England Governors/Eastern Canadian Premiers (NEG/ECP) Forest
Mapping Project published a protocol document in 2001, not in 1991 as stated in the
Progress Report. “In 1991, a Protocol for Assessing and Mapping Forest Sensitivity to
Atmospheric Sulphur and Nitrogen Deposition was developed and published.” (1)
2) Throughout the report reference is made to government/province of Newfoundland.
This should be corrected to read government/province of Newfoundland and Labrador.
3) There appears to be an error on page 20 with respect to SO  emissions reductions
indicating a cap of 4.5 million tones in 2020 and 3 million tons in 2018. Should this first
date be 2008 or 2010? (6)
4) Under the section on “Ground-Level Ozone Monitoring and Mapping”, there should
be mention of the Atlantic Regional Smog Forecast. Newfoundland and Labrador
became the last Atlantic province to join this initiative on June 14, 2002. (6)
5) Under the section on “Particulate Matter Monitoring, Data Analysis, Modelling and
Mapping”, there is mention of work through the NEG/ECP with collocated Tempered
Element Oscillating Microbalance (TEOMs) and Federal Reference Method (FRMs) in
Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec and Prince Edward Island. Newfoundland and
Labrador has also been collecting particulate data on a collocated TEOM and FRM at
their NAPs station in St. John’s since 2001. Information from this site can be obtained
from Mr. Bill Breckenridge, Regional Coordinator, NEG/ECP at 902-424-3433. (6)
6) The statement made on page 11 of the report that suggests Drive Clean has already
achieved a reduction in smog-causing pollutants of 11.5 percent. The comment was
made that this figure may be out of context as reductions are really closer to 2 percent.
7) Scientific Cooperation, VOCs: report needs to acknowledge how such reduction predic-
tions (e.g. decline 40 percent in Canada and the United States from 1980 to 2010) are
to be achieved. (27)