#1 12/23/02 Sandy Wilmot
Co-Chair, New England Governors/Eastern Canadian Premiers
Forest Mapping Group; Vermont
#2 01/09/03 Sally Sessler
Liverpool, New York
#3 01/10/03 Leslie R. Alm
Professor and Director of Graduate Studies, Department of
Public Policy & Administration, Boise State University;
Boise, Idaho
#4 01/14/03 James P. Bruce
Canadian Policy Representative, Soil and Water Conservation;
Ottawa, Ontario
#5 01/17/03 Gord Miller
Environmental Commissioner of Ontario; Toronto, Ontario
#6 01/22/03 Paul L. Dean
Deputy Minister, Department of Environment,
Government of Newfoundland and Labrador;
St. John’s, Newfoundland
#7 01/17/03 Bill Katakis
Northwood, Ohio
#8 01/23/03 Jack Gibbons
Chair, Ontario Clean Air Alliance; Toronto, Ontario
#9 01/23/03 Amanda Bugatto
Ray & Berndtson/Lovas Stanley Inc.; Toronto, Ontario
#10 01/23/03 Yakov Cherkassky
#11 01/23/03 George McKibbon
Hamilton, Ontario
#12 01/23/03 Steven Pardine
Ottawa, Ontario
#13 01/23/03 Marnie Walsh
Toronto, Ontario
#14 01/23/03 Stephanie Thorson
Toronto, Ontario
#15 02/05/03 Virginia M. West
Deputy Minister, Ontario Ministry of the Environment;
Toronto, Ontario
#16 02/07/03 Meeting with NGOs in Ottawa:
Pollution Probe, Friends of the Earth, Ducks Unlimited,
Sierra Club
#17 02/13/03 Dan McDermott
Director, Sierra Club Eastern Canada Chapter; Toronto, Ontario
#18 02/14/03 C. Peter Watson
Assistant Deputy Minister, Environmental Assurance,
Alberta Environment; Edmonton, Alberta
#19 02/18/03 Ron L’Esperance
Deputy Minister, Nova Scotia Department of Environment
& Labour; Halifax, Nova Scotia
#20 02/19/03 Meeting with NGOs in Toronto:
Ontario Medical Association, Ontario Clean Air Alliance,
Sierra Club
#21 02/25/03 Dr. Jack Lee
Executive Director, Ontario Public Health Association;
Toronto, Ontario
#22 02/25/03 Yee Li, MBA, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Accounting, Joseph L. Rotman School
of Management, University of Toronto; Toronto, Ontario
#23 02/26/03 Peter Piersol
Air Quality Committee, Georgian Bay Association;
Toronto, Ontario
Mary Muter
V.P., Chair, Environment Committee; Toronto, Ontario
#24 02/25/03 Dr. Quentin Chiotti
Director, Air Program, Pollution Probe; Ottawa, Ontario
Rick Findlay
Director, Water Programs, Pollution Probe; Ottawa, Ontario
#25 02/27/03 Gordon Macatee
Deputy Minister, British Columbia Ministry of Water, Land
and Air Protection; Victoria, British Columbia
#26 02/28/03 Dr. Ted Boadway
Executive Director, Health Policy, Ontario Medical Association;
Toronto, Ontario
#27 02/28/03 Gordon Dalzell
Chairperson, Saint John Citizens Coalition for Clean Air;
Saint John, New Brunswick
#28 02/28/03 Patricia Ross
Chair, Air Quality Committee, Fraser Valley Regional District;
Chilliwack, British Columbia
#29 02/27/03 Don MacKinnon
President, Power Workers’ Union; Toronto, Ontario
#30 02/28/03 Francine Roulson
Nation; Chilliwack, British Columbia
Environmental Officer,
#31 03/06/03 Dr. Sheela Basur
Medical Officer of Health, City of Toronto; Toronto, Ontario
#32 02/28/03 Kenneth Maybee
President and CEO, New Brunswick Lung Association;
Fredericton, New Brunswick