The Commission should adopt the role of  facilitat-
Senior levels of  the USEPA and Environment
ing discussion and communication among the
Canada should join with their counterparts in the
Parties and Jurisdictions in supporting the develop-
State of  Michigan and the Province of  Ontario to
ment of  integrated monitoring programs and
provide a more comprehensive, current and joint
control  strategies in these regions.
overview of  air quality in these three regions.
Sharing of  the most current information regarding
Continued development of  a mechanism to com-
routine sampling and monitoring results should be a
pare air quality standards and guidelines for both
part of  this co-operative effort.
common and hazardous air pollutants in
transboundary airsheds is also recommended.
This same body should also commit to the develop-
ment of  an appropriate bilateral control strategy,
The IJC should carefully track the  US Urban HAPs
considering both stationary and mobile sources of
Study currently underway in ten cities in the United
common air pollutants and HAPs, to achieve
States and assess the outcomes of  this study, as
significant reductions in local and regional concen-
these would have relevance could be applied in the
trations of  those pollutants adversely affecting
three regions, particularly the two southern locales,
regional air quality.
as well as a vast majority of  North American urban