In addition, the observations from the GLRATEI
indicate Essex County emits more carbon tetrachlo-
ride and nickel than the GDA; no rationale can be
advanced for this finding.  The carbon tetrachloride
data for Essex County indicate the major source
category is area sources (200 lb/yr) while in the
GDA, a zero value is reported.  Before taking this
comparison further, it should be determined if  a
zero value is representative of  the GDA emissions.
The data indicate that, in Essex County, nickel is
emitted largely through point sources (2,040 lb/yr)
whereas in the three GDA counties, area sources
(20,523 lb/yr) account for the bulk of these emis-
Essex County trichloroethylene emissions are
considerably below the anticipated proportional
comparison to emissions in Greater Detroit; the
Essex County estimates should be further verified.