the organization, and how to manage activities.  A presenta-
tion was made on the new science vessel web site and
representatives of the U.S. Coast Guard Marine Safety Office
reat Lakes science vessels are vessels used for
in Detroit, Michigan and Canadian Ship Safety led an
research, training and outreach by both public and
excellent discussion of vessel manning, safety and inspec-
private institutions.  They are a critical part of U.S.
tion requirements.  John Tanner, superintendent of the
and Canadian science programs geared to monitor and
Great Lakes Maritime Academy, described the latest
protect the quality of the Great Lakes ecosystem.  Science
addition to the Great Lakes science vessel fleet, the 224 foot
vessels support a wide range of research and monitoring
long State of Michigan that will operate as a training ship
activities related to the physical, chemical and biological
and research vessel from Traverse City, Michigan.  In
integrity of the largest freshwater system in the world.  They
addition, Dr. Jan Ciborowski, professor at the University of
also serve as public reminders of the importance of
Windsor’s Great Lakes Environmental Institute of Research
conserving and restoring the Great Lakes.  Demand for
and a member of the Council presented an overview of the
scientific data has continued to increase while funding for
2002 Lake Erie Trophic Study, a large scale research effort
research and monitoring has been reduced, prompting
involving a major commitment of science vessel resources
science vessel managers to seek more efficient ways to
and intensive coordination on both sides of the border.  All
accomplish their missions.  Accordingly, the Council began
of the presentations were well received, the new web site
holding annual Great Lakes Science Vessel Coordination
was given high marks and a facilitated group discussion
Workshops in 1997 to promote information exchange,
helped the workshop participants achieve their objectives.
sharing of resources and coordination of vessel operations.
New Web Site
In response to concerns expressed during The Sixth Annual
Continuing its strong support for binational coordination
Great Lakes Science Vessel Coordination Workshop about
of science vessel operations, the Council hosted The Sixth
the ability to communicate needs and coordinate vessel
Annual Great Lakes Science Vessel Coordination Workshop
schedules on the science vessel web site, the Council
in Cleveland, Ohio in conjunction with Marine Community
agreed to procure a web host and to initiate improvements
Day on January 31 – February 1, 2002.  Participants were
to the site.  The science vessel web site was completely
briefed on the latest developments in the implementation
overhauled and transformed into a web-based database
of an Automatic Identification System and electronic
where vessel schedules may be posted, researchers can
charting for ships operating in the Great Lakes.  The U.S.
identify available resources and operators can effectively
Coast Guard provided an update on actions being taken to
communicate and exchange information on a wide variety
enhance port safety and security, and a variety of presenta-
of operational concerns.  Operators are now able to
tions were made on available training, vessel maintenance
directly post information to the site about equipment
and conversion, and the results of scientific studies that
issues and events; they can access the list server, and can
had utilized vessels resources.  Science and research
also immediately update vessel data to reflect new equip-
success stories were shared and the workshop provided a
ment or modifications to existing vessels.  The public can
productive exchange of views.  Participants discussed their
view information about the Great Lakes science vessel fleet
expectations for future coordination efforts and annual
and gain a better appreciation for the scope of work that is
workshops, and highlighted the need to forge ahead on
being done on both sides of the border.  For more informa-
elements of the action plan created in 1997.
tion, please visit the new site at:  www.glsciencevessels.org.
The Seventh Annual Science Vessel Coordination Workshop
was held at the Holiday Inn Select in Windsor, Ontario on
Focus Areas
March 13-14, 2003.  Following up on issues raised the
previous year, the meeting targeted specific goals set out in
Annual workshops provide an excellent forum for exchang-
the action plan and concentrated on agreeing on an
ing ideas, however it was made clear by workshop partici-
organizational identity, defining the mission and vision of