Proposal for Lake Ontario and St. Lawrence River Regulation

Plan 2014 Trigger Levels

Plan 2014 includes a provision for deviations to be made when Lake Ontario water levels are outside the range shown in the graphic and the table below. The Board will have the authority to deviate from the regulation plan releases when Lake Ontario reaches trigger levels, with different high and low triggers for each quarter-month that reflect the seasonal nature of water supplies and lake levels. When Lake Ontario is within those trigger levels, releases will be made according to Bv7, with the same sort of adjustments for river flows that are used now to manage ice, the Ottawa River spring flood and shipping emergencies.


Plan 2014 Triggers



The performance of different trigger level scenarios that were evaluated during the formulation of the current proposal.  A table shows earlier results that do not reflect all refinements made to the final analysis of the proposal, therefore there are small differences between these numerical results and those for Plan 2014.