Proposal for Lake Ontario and St. Lawrence River Regulation

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SUSAN KNAP BROWNING 29th August 2013 07:20:07
NY, Clayton,
I Support Plan 2014 and believe it should be implemented now.
Marta O'Keefe 29th August 2013 07:19:34
NY, Lyndonville,
We've had a home on Lake Ontario for 32 years. We no longer have any beach. If lake levels are raised, we will lose the bottom portion of the stairs from our deck to the water; and, as a result of strong storms, could possibly lose the entire deck as well. We urgently request the lake levels be left alone which, in our opinion, is more than high enough as is.
John and Julie Odenbach 29th August 2013 06:53:32
New York, Webster,
We are totall opposed to the new Plan 2014. The propsal has totally underestimated the cost of damage to docks and structures along the Ontario shoreline. The estimates are ridiculousely low. The cost to build adquate shoreline protection with large rock is currently about $1000 per linear ft. A minimum size lot would require over $100,000. Multipy that times the number of houses on the shore. Plan 2014 cost estimates are deceptive. We have an effective plan now and we should keep it. Do not approve the proposal.
Bret DeRoo 29th August 2013 06:50:46
New York, Lyons,
Please refer to the attached letter from the Great Sodus Bay Watershed Intermunicipal Committee.
Robert and Barbara Wale 29th August 2013 06:42:33
New York, Fairport,
We oppose IJC Plan 2014 due to the devestation it will bring to the New York State Lake Ontario shoreline and the flawed process used to arrive at the final plan.
Fred Birchard 29th August 2013 06:39:26
MI, Royal Oak,
We are opposed to Plan 2014. Please see the attached document for more commentary our stance regarding Plan 2014.
LINDA MCCAUSLAND 29th August 2013 06:09:38
Please implement plan 2014 as soon as possible for the St. Lawrence River.
John Swenholt 29th August 2013 06:04:02
New York, Wellesley Island,
As a fishing guide and business owner here on Wellesley Island for almost 30 years, I've seen many negative changes to the St. Lawrence. I gave up guiding seven years ago due to the low waters levels which shortened the fishing season to the point that it wasn't worth it anymore. As for my business, it has suffered as well. I remember when folks came up in April to launch boats and fish and the boats remained in until late October and November. Now folks aren't launching until late May or early June and hauling their boats as early as late August because of lack of water. The current plan has been devastating to our economy and ecology of the fishery. We only have a few months each year to make a living. Extending the season would make a huge difference to our economy. I strongly support Plan 2014.
Mark Vande 29th August 2013 06:01:56
NY, Sodus Point,
As a Sodus Bay year around resident with my house on the bay and subject to the flooding at the level you propose, I am opposed to your new standard!
Rosemary A. Manes 29th August 2013 05:59:41
New York, Chippewa Bay,
I strongly support Plan 2014 and believe it should be implemented now!!
Sandy Plumb 29th August 2013 05:54:06
New York, Wellesley Island,
I support the 2014 Plan to regulate water levels in the St Lawrence river and I think it should be implemented asap.
Paige L Stanton 29th August 2013 05:48:50
New York, Wolcott,
I am opposed to Plan 2014
Elizabeth Wolverton 29th August 2013 05:43:47
NY, Clayton,
I am writing to endorse Plan 2014 for St. Lawrence River water levels. It is by far the most fair and rational plan so far and better balances the complex issues involved. The beauty and wonder of this river can not be overrated and, after a point, can not be regained. It is critical that the water levels address ecological, the environmental, issues to maintain the diverse ecosystems present here. At present, the levels benefit only economic factors involving Lake Ontario homes built on flood planes and the shipping interests in the Port of Montreal. Please listen to us and preserve this unique water system. thank you
Greg Lellis 29th August 2013 05:41:55
New York, Greenlawn,
I strongly support Plan 2014. It is a modern plan that achieves a good balance between all interests. It will benefit the environment and the economy while improving hydroelectric generation. This plan will make significant progress toward restoring the St. Lawrence River and Lake Ontario after more than half a century of environmentally damaging regulation.
Michele Hickman 29th August 2013 05:41:41
NY, Sodus Point,
I am opposed to Plan 2014.
Ed Stein 29th August 2013 05:23:53
NY, Syracuse,
I Support Plan 2014 and believe it should be implemented now.”
Erich 29th August 2013 05:19:07
NY, Sodus Point,
I am opposed to Plan 2014
Kelly Olcott 29th August 2013 05:18:49
New York, Huron,
We are being asked to make upgrades to our septic system by Federal entities at the same time the raising of the lake will jeopardize the land housing these updated systems. Please do not raise the level and destroy our property.
Silvia 29th August 2013 05:17:34
NY, Sodus Point,
I am opposed to Plan 2014
Rossman Giese 29th August 2013 05:10:12
NY, Sodus Point,
The increase of the high water level and the increase of low water level proposed by Plan 2014 threatens the vast majority of property owners and businesses along Lake Ontario shorelines and its bays, particularly the south shore, and yet, although amazing, every IJC study has not included the disastrous effects on the bays that are discussed below . How can Plan 2014 and the people supporting the plan so blatantly ignore the devastating effects the new proposed lake levels will have on all low and many high-lying shore and near shore properties. Sodus Point present an excellent example. High water levels and storms will not only present danger of serious flooding of the near water level properties of the Village, they will also damage the sewage system that serves the entire village. This will require complete shut off of sewage facilities and water mandating evacuations for all homes and businesses on low and high lands. Low water levels will devastate marinas and all other docking areas. Sail boats will have to be moored in deeper water and it will be questionable as to how they can be accessed. Whether the implementation of the plan causes a lack of water or too much water all local land values will plummet. Tax income will also fall. Will tax rates then increase? How else can the villages pay their bills? Plan 2014 does not include compensation for damages for either municipalities, businesses, or private land owners. The expanded range of high and low water in Lake Ontario may improve the wetlands but by only 18%, yet will likely result in a much larger percentage of damage to human lives and habitat. In 1958 the IJC assured property owners of the lake levels they would have to work with. The federal government loaned money to local municipalities to build sewer systems along the water front areas to allow people to live there. People relied on these promises and assurances and invested in building vacation and year round residences in the Village and now the IJC is saying, too bad, we changed our minds and the loss of your investments including money, time, and labor are of no concern to us. How can anyone be that callous? This amounts to an illegal “taking” of our land and our rights. We hired an architect to prepare our Sodus Point home for our retirement, but now we will reconsider investing any more in an area where liviability and property values are threatened by Plan 2014. 19 New York State Counties can't be wrong. The loss to the New York State economy is much greater than the 18% restoration of wetlands over 100 years, or the increased state revenue from Hydropower. Where in logic and common sense in this?
Tracy Bernard 29th August 2013 04:56:49
NY, Potsdam,
I support Plan 2014 and urge its full and speedy implementation.
George Palmesano 29th August 2013 04:38:21
NY, Dansville,
Who is going to look after the park systems. Higher water levels means an increase to the rate of erosion. Will my grand children be able to use the parks? Not if Plan 2014 is implemented. I am opposed to any water level management plan that has an adverse effect to the shoreline
Paul and Suzanne Parrott 29th August 2013 04:36:02
New York, Syracuse,
We strongly support the Plan 2014. We have waited many years for a reasonable plan to be implemented. Many people knew that the water levels were still an on going issue and yet they chose to build in areas they knew could be effected. They claim they are for protecting the waterways when in fact it is mostly what they personally desire. Lets all say thank you to God for giving us such a beautiful area to live, and hope that the decision made will eventually be for the good of all.
frank c wackerle USCG-Ret 29th August 2013 04:35:21
N.Y., sodus Point,