Proposal for Lake Ontario and St. Lawrence River Regulation

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Bob Hamilton 29th August 2013 11:23:43
NY, North Rose,
I would like to submit my disapproval of Plan 2014 for the regulation of Lake Ontario water levels. I think the damage to our southern shore line will be irreparable and costly.
Alan O Austin 29th August 2013 10:59:58
NY, Rochester,
It is mind boggling to think that anyone would consider raising the lake level at all. There will be BILLONS of dollars in damage and I can't even think of how many lawsuits and years and years of court cases and money spent.For the past 50 plus years people have learned to work with the already higher than "natural" lake level.I don't think you are letting a majority of the people know what you plan on doing.I live on the lake and I just learned a month ago what they were thinking of doing. I hope you have done your homework or I feel people will be looking for blood if they loose everything they work for all their lives.Sincerely , Alan Austin
Kathleen Cross 29th August 2013 10:59:53
TX, Houston,
Please support and implement Plan 2014. The Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River are much too important to the health and welfare of the Canadian and United States people and wildlife A healthy river will benefit us all. Thank you.
Ron Treanor 29th August 2013 10:57:13
New York, Sackets Harbor,
I mostly approve of Plan 2014. The higher water levels will improve the boating situation and extend the boating season as well - especially in the upper portion of Henderson Bay. The waters around Sackets Harbor are protected by a number of outer islands and peninsulas and have limited wave action. That is not the case in all areas of the lake. As we all know, there is significant wave action in the unprotected areas of the lake and that coupled with a high-wind storm will produce significant flooding if the lake level happens to be at the 248 foot level. My concern is the insurance situation. Those living on the lake - in the flood plain area- can expect to pay special premiums and some could be quite high. Insurance Companies tend to make broad-stroke decisions on who to include in their high risk areas and those of us who normally have no storm related worries will also have to pay this extra premium.
mary lou jeffery 29th August 2013 10:55:31
New York, clayton,
I strongly support plan 2014 and encourage you to pass this plan and implement the plan now. The St. Lawrence River is a precious natural resource and it is imperative that we do everything in our power to protect the ecosystem before it is too late.
John Chisholm 29th August 2013 10:47:44
VA, McLean,
I would encourage the adoption of Plan 2014. I believe it is the option that comes closest to regulating water levels in a natural manner, short of returning the entire system to its natural state.
Rita Gefell 29th August 2013 10:46:51
NY, Thousand Island Park,
I support plan 2014 and believe it should be implemented now.
Oswego County NY 29th August 2013 10:46:16
New York, Oswego,
Please see the attached resolution adopted by the full Legislature in Opposition to Plan BV7 as amended to be known as Plan 2014.
Oswego County NY 29th August 2013 10:44:29
New York, Oswego,
Please see the attached letter from the County's Legislative Committee on Economic Development and Planning in Opposition to Plan BV7 as amended to be known as Plan 2014. The Resolution referenced in the letter will be attached in a separate submission.
Andrew Raddant 29th August 2013 10:41:02
MA, Boston,
Please see attached file for comments from the U.S. Department of the Interior.
Ronald Currie 29th August 2013 10:33:12
N.Y., Henderson ,
We have owned property on the south eastern shore of Lake Ontario in Henderson N.Y. for thirty-five years and are now in the process of making it our permanent home. I understand it will benefit some people and will also hurt a lot of property owners. Wouldn't it be better to raise the level in increments to see how it will effect the shoreline? Maybe there is a way to benefit everyone.
David Fagner 29th August 2013 10:32:42
NY, Sodus Point,
Good afternoon, I am writing to oppose Plan 2014. The current plan we have is working great and should not be abandoned in favor of 2014. As a full time resident in Sodus Point, the possible highs and lows from this plan could be catastrophic to our home and community. Thank you for consideration of my comments.
Tom Piekunka 29th August 2013 10:30:01
NY, Sodus Point,
I am opposed to plan 2014. Our family has been paying taxes on this property for the past 69 years and know you plan to flood our home and destroy our property and the NY state Chimney Bluff Park. The street to our home and break wall that protect our property is at an elevation of 248 feet. Many of our neighbors floor joice are at 248 feet. On a perfectly calm day we will be flooded when the water reaches 248. Sodus Bay can easily have 2 foot waves from the wind and boat traffic. Not only will our property be flooded by our gas meter will be flooded. How will the utility company, 1st responders such as fireman and EMS, service us if they are unable to get down a flooded road. Raising the breakwalls will not prevent flooding since we live on a sandbar. Raising the lake level above 247 feet will destroy our NYS park, Chimney Bluff, which is an International wonder. People come from all over the world to see the unique glacial formation. The fluctuation of the high and low water will not rebuild this NY state park, or beaches like I have heard at some of the IJC meetings. Once Chimney Bluffs are destroyed, they are gone forever. How will the IJC, environmentalist, hydro power company, shipping industry and government compensate us for the losses that can not be replaced. I ask the state of NY to do an environmental impact study on Chimney Bluffs and every state park along the lake. Why are we allowing the IJC to destroy our NYS parks and property? Will they start pulling the plugs on all the dams in NYS next? There must be laws protecting our NYS parks.
Linda Kelly 29th August 2013 10:24:44
NY, Sodus Point,
I oppose Plan 1024 and the consequences for the Sodus Bay Area.
Catrine Charron 29th August 2013 10:17:31
CA, Piedmont,
I Support Plan 2014 and believe it should be implemented now
Karen Shughart 29th August 2013 10:15:39
New York, Sodus Point,
I am opposed to Plan 2014
Tom Bradley 29th August 2013 10:08:49
NY, Watertown and Henderson Harbor,
Yes- I support Plan 2014. PLEASE. Now is not too soon but it's also not too late.
Christine Roets 29th August 2013 09:17:43
NY, Sodus Point,
I am opposed to Plan 2014
Heather Nolan 29th August 2013 09:15:30
NY, Palmyra,
I am opposed to Plan 2014
Edward C. McNally 29th August 2013 09:03:02
NY, Wellesley Island,
I believe the time and $$ invested in studying the Lake Ontario/Saint Lawrence River Water Levels has been sufficient to produce an educated decision near term and for the IJC to recommend a new plan to Canada and the United States. While I liked some of your earlier plans, I encourage you to implement Plan 2014 as soon as practical. I understand all the issues, the varied interests, and the fact that some do not like the plan. Incidently, they have not liked any plan. My feeling is that there is one major factor that is bigger than the power company, bigger than the Seaway, bigger than recreational boating and bigger than landowners---that simply is that a healthier Lake Ontario and Saint Lawrence River should be the overriding issue or none of the others will matter. Thank you,
John B.Hogg 29th August 2013 08:56:49
The whole country is either drying out or flooding depending on where you look. You need to watch the long range weather forecast and open or close dams in sequence, as necessary. In St. Lawrence County many of the power dams only have spillways and the water backs up and floods the low lands when it rains hard, sometimes the water is coming over the spillways over four feet in depth causing flooding in many upstream areas. The hydro-plant in Huevelton has the proper set up and lets the water out instead of backing it up as is done just about everywhere else.The hydro companies save money on the build and flood out the environment so their dams will have more water to make more electric and to hell with everyone else. This practice causes a lot of ups and downs(and wet feet) that wouldn't happen if things were done correctly. These ups and downs are magnified when they reach the St. Lawrence and the Great Lakes.The whole system would work better if the dams would let the water go before a storm hit and later cut the outflow when things are getting dry even if it meant losing a dollar from the loss of hydro generation by holding the lakes and rivers to a constant level. This whole thing is really a no brainer and if scientist/ biologist were to be in charge of it instead of politicians the problem wouldn't even exist.
Melanie 29th August 2013 08:36:45
NY, Sodus Point,
I am opposed to PLAN 2014! It would be devastating for our Village at both extremes- low water and high water!
David Klein 29th August 2013 08:18:17
NY, Rochester,
We have attached comments by Stuart Gruskin, Chief Conservation and External Affairs Officer, reaffirming support by The Nature Conservancy for Plan 2014.
Eleanor Jeffries 29th August 2013 08:12:38
NY, Fishers Landing,
I Support Plan 2014 and believe it should be implemented now.
Patricia Lynch 29th August 2013 07:23:25
New York, Greece (Rochester ),
Dear Sir/Madam, as a lake onrario resident for over thirty years, I am I awe of the time and money spent on the issue of regulation of lake levels. I have witnessed how this lake can move in a very rapid manner with the right conditions and it is scary!! I DO NOT WANT TO LOSE MY HOME! PLEASE ABANDON PLAN 2014 and continue the current water level management plan. Thank you kindly .