Proposal for Lake Ontario and St. Lawrence River Regulation

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Ashley Barton 29th August 2013 15:27:50
Ontario, Cannington,
This beautiful, delicate habitat is home to many non-replaceable, beautiful, fragile, harmless creatures. Lets show them some compassion. It is their earth just as much as it is ours. Respect.
Marcia Fowler 29th August 2013 15:27:46
New York, Sodus Point,
I am opposed to Plan 2014. The Plan will result in man-made destruction on the southern shore of Lake Ontario. The economic loss will be felt by individuals, businesses, communities, counties and eventually New York State. Surely there must be a more equitable solution.
Craig S. Holt 29th August 2013 15:21:11
MA, Marlborough,
As a lifelong summer resident in the 1000 Islands region, I strongly support Plan 2014. I believe this plan provides the best balance of benefits for all interests.
Jane Hayslip 29th August 2013 15:20:03
N.Y., Williamson,
No -I do not want plan 2014 as I work and play on Lake Ontario.
Joseph Brogan 29th August 2013 15:18:54
NY, N. Rose,
I am opposed to plan 2014
Judy Keeler 29th August 2013 15:14:12
NY, Redwood, NY,
I support Plan 2014 and believe it should be implemented now.
Jessica Kohout 29th August 2013 15:13:24
NY, Williamson,
I am opposed to Plan 2014. The plan that has been in effect has worked well. This summer with normal water levels we have seen lots of damage to our sea wall.
Victoria B 29th August 2013 15:09:00
ON, Wiarton,
Fresh water is essential ... please do everything you can to preserve it.
Nathalie Rockhill 29th August 2013 14:45:34
ON, Toronto,
I strongly support Plan 2014. Regulating water levels in the great lakes and the St. Lawrence River will make a huge difference to the health and vitality of fish and wildlife, and help return us to a proper balance with nature. Thank you.
sharon Rose 29th August 2013 14:30:55
I am apposed to the raising the levels of Lake Ontario. My property would be destroyed and you would lose my taxes and local support. I am also part owner of 13043 Mitchell Dr. which is on the Lake.
Dalton P. Foster 29th August 2013 14:27:02
New York, Massena,
I would encourage the adaptation of Plan 2014. We have seen a long and tedious process since 2000 without any real changes. We need to bring ourselves into the 21st century. I believe the most critical part of the new plan has yet to be elucidated, i.e., the Adaptive Management Plan. We do not know enough about the dynamic characteristics of the basin. We need more involvement from academia and local communities in gathering and processing information of a wider spectrum. We need to develop a kinetic model of the St. Lawrence River through its various compartments. We need to set up an online data analysis of the wind vector effects (magnitude and duration) on the various locales within the basin. We need to have more active public involvement (e.g., a PIAG-like group) associated with the Adaptive Management Plan. Like any process, we need constant improvement. Best of luck with the politics, Dalton
Mr. Jean Aubry-Morin (St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation) 29th August 2013 14:20:26
Ontario, Cornwall,
Dear Commissioners It is my pleasure to enclose The St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation’s comments on the Plan 2014 for the “Lake Ontario – St. Lawrence River Regulation” as presented on July 18, 2013 at the International Joint Commission Technical hearing in Montreal. On behalf of The St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation (Seaway) and stakeholders, I would also like to extend our appreciations for the opportunity to share our perspective and expertise in water regulation on the Seaway system with the commission for the betterment of the proposed plan. We are providing our comments within the prescribed time of August 30th 2013 using this electronic transmission and will also submit its content via normal courier to your Ottawa office. Best Regards Yours sincerely, Jean Aubry-Morin Vice-President External Relations, SLSMC
Gaillard L Schmidt 29th August 2013 14:18:12
New York, Clayton,
In support of Plan 2014 My family has been a seasonal resident of the Thousand Islands region of the St. Lawrence River since approximately 1885. As with many long-standing residents, we have been concerned with the many challenges and ecological stresses that unregulated or poorly regulated usage have had on the lake/river ecosystem. Along with many others who are concerned with preserving this unique area, I support Plan 2014 as a firm step in the right direction. My concern rests not only with measures that will mediate and reverse damage that has been done, but that will move us closer to assuring the indefinite sustainability of the lake/river environment. The first inhabitants called this region "Manitouana", the Garden of the Great Spirit; that's what I want the generations that follow us to experience. Let's implement Plan 2014.
Wade Cook 29th August 2013 14:18:02
NY, Rochester,
I am strongly opposed to Plan 2014. This plan is likely to cause extensive property damage to homes and businesses along the south shore of Lake Ontario. In particular, our neighbors at Sodus Point, NY, will experience flooding at the high water level allowed under Plan 2014. To change the water level for homes and businesses that have been in place for 50 years or even more is terribly unfair and should be patently illegal.
Richard Menaldino 29th August 2013 14:16:49
NY, Rochester,
I am opposed to Plan 2014
Christine 29th August 2013 14:16:39
NY, Orchard Park,
I am not knowledgeable about Plan 2014, and am not an environmental scientist. However, the Nature Conservancy does seem to be a reliable source of accurate information. I learn from them that this plan is in the best interest of our ecosystem, clean energy & jobs. I support Plan 2014.
leemoore 29th August 2013 14:07:19
Ontario, Hamilton,
all our waterways need to be protected
Lynn Mehaffey 29th August 2013 13:41:45
Ontario, Wawa, Ontario,
Please protect Lake Ontario and the St Lawrence. This is part of our total ecosystem and is needed also as an environment for the wildlife living there I write today to express my strong support for Plan 2014 and call for the full and speedy adoption of this new management approach for Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River. Plan 2014 will help ensure a healthy future for this iconic water system by returning to more natural levels and restoring the ecosystem for local communities and wildlife. The plan achieves the IJC’s ultimate goal of “moving toward more natural flows to benefit the environment, while respecting other interests.” Healthy freshwater ecosystems are foundations for healthy communities, healthy wildlife, and sustainable economies. Improving the management of Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River will enhance the quality of life for all citizens who live, work and recreate in the coastal zones of the lake and river. This new plan will also contribute to the economic, environmental, and social sustainability of the Lake Ontario and St. Lawrence system. Again, I strongly support this new approach to water level regulation in Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River. Thank you for considering my comments.
Don O'Keefe 29th August 2013 13:14:48
NY, Lyndonville ,
I am opposed to plan 2014. It seems the south shore always gets the brunt of water level changes. I 've already had to invest in rocks for shoreline erosion and have lost stairs and decks due to high water levels. Being on the lake for 30 plus years I am hoping the commission can come up with a solution that is good for all. Thank You
Bob Paiement 29th August 2013 12:58:31
For some time I have been watching the progress of the joint commission, never expecting that you would take such an extreme position. Have you honestly evaluated the significant negative impacts that your proposal would have on those of us who use Lake Ontario and the shoreline? And for what benefit, a minimal impact on wetlands, if that actually occurs? I urge you to reconsider your extreme action and NOT IMPLEMENT the proposal.
Karlene Parshall 29th August 2013 12:10:34
NY, Rochester,
I am in strong opposition to the IJC's "new" plan 2014. Please see attached note.
sarah Miller 29th August 2013 11:54:55
NY, Lowville,
I am a property owner in the town of Alexandria (13607) . I support Plan 2014 and believe it should be implemented as soon as Possible.
Marguerite Sanzone 29th August 2013 11:52:59
NY, Wellesley Island,
I strongly believe that you should implement the 2014 plan
alison gruseke 29th August 2013 11:45:47
CT, new canaan,
I own two properties in Chippewa Bay, Hammond New York, both on the River, where my family has resided (and paid taxes) for more than 100 years. I writing to say that I support Plan 2014 and believe it should be implemented now.
Amanda Swist 29th August 2013 11:40:28
NY, Rocky Point,
I strongly support the implementation of Plan 2014. These lakes and rivers are a crucial part to our local ecosystem, lifestyle, and economy. This plan benefits everyone and should be enacted immediately!