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David Kuter 30th August 2013 11:25:07
WI, Madison,
Please do not raise the lake level of Lake Ontario artificially without including the cost of compensation to landowners who will be damaged by this action.
Pat Costanzo 30th August 2013 11:18:10
NY, Sodus Point,
The IJC based its study results, relating to its proposed Plan 2014, on only 3,000 properties on the south Lake shore that they valued at $360 M purportedly resulting in an annual loss of about $300 per property. It should be made known that the actual numbers of affected properties are much, much greater and the cost is much more disturbing. The properties number about 10, 025 and are valued at $3.8 Billion. Additionally, the IJC completely ignores shoreline and otherwise affected properties on the bays and give no value to public or undeveloped properties. Much damage to property owners has already ccured; the insurance companies obviously respect a high probability of flooding as it has been suggested that there be a 1000 times increase in the cost of flood insurance. This, alone, is leading long-time residents to consider selling their properties while they still have value. The IJC actions will have an affect on shorelines, so where is the Coastal Zone Management Review? Such environmental actions should require either or both a SEQR or an Environmental Impact Statement. The IJC is blatantly contradicting the Clean Water Act and ignoring the mandates of NEPA. Raising and lowering water levels are actions, actions that impact the environment including coastal areas - everyone else who considers such a action must study its effects on the entire environment and on economic impacts - where is such a study based on the proposed actions of the IJC?
Anthony Hollebrandt 30th August 2013 10:44:47
New York, Sodus Point,
I STRONGLY oppose the 2014 plan. Not only for the millions of coastal residence that it will affect but also you have to remember that there are nuclear power plants that would be affected and therefore affect millions more who aren't coastal residence. Please don't ruin our beautiful community!
Sally A Sessler 30th August 2013 10:41:27
NY, Sandy Creek,
I object to the high levels allowed under this plan. I am a property owner on the EASTERN shore of Lake Ontario. This property has been in my family for 65 years. There has been a lot of erosion by high waves during high water levels. Even in the current plan the level has been on the high side most of the time. I have NO OBJECTION to low levels. The new water level plan for the Lake can result in substantial shoreline destruction which will create financial problems for property owners and subsequent loss of tax revenue for municipalities. There are 10,025 private or public parcels in the six county region of the southern and eastern shores of the Lake with a total assessed value of $3.7 billion. If the Plan goes through, shipping and hydropower should pay for mitigation costs for potential property destruction! The Plan supposedly includes “trigger points” which can initiate action to change the lake level if it become dangerously high or low. However, it has been noted that it takes a week to lower the Lake by one inch! How will that prevent destruction of property in the event of an incoming severe storm? When brought to the attention of the hearing Panels this summer, no one had a response/answer to this concern. I urge you to reconsider this plan and make it more equitable to landowner concerns. Thank you for listening.
Ville de Montréal 30th August 2013 10:41:25
Quebec, Montreal,
Veuillez trouver ci-joint les commentaires de la Ville de Montréal portant sur une nouvelle proposition de régulation des niveaux et débit du Lac Ontario et du fleuve Saint-Laurent (Plan 2014) de la Commission mixte internationale.
Canadian Association of Port Authorities 30th August 2013 10:34:32
Ontario, Ottawa,
Attached please find the comments of the Association of Canadian Port Authorities (ACPA) regarding the proposed Lake Ontario-St. Lawrence water levels regulation plan.
Tom McAuley 30th August 2013 10:29:51
Ontario, Orleans,
Statement attached
Paul Sargent 30th August 2013 10:22:25
NY, Buffalo,
As a longtime resident in three Great Lakes cities and on Wellesley Island on the St. Lawrence, I strongly support Plan 2014 for a healthy, robust ecology across the basin, as close to pre-Seaway conditions as possible, regardless of the impact it may have on private property my family and I own. We can engineer, relocate, and rebuild the cultural and the constructed but ecosystems, we repeatedly learn the hard way, are not so easy. Please do the right thing and implement Plan 2014 immediately.
Robert Lewis-Manning 30th August 2013 09:59:52
Ontario, Ottawa,
Please find attached the comments of the Canadian Shipowners Association (CSA). CSA recommends several amendments to the proposal in order to enhance its effectiveness. Thank you for the opportunity to provide comments. Robert Lewis-Manning (President)
Pamela D'Luhy 30th August 2013 09:55:59
New York, Clayton,
I strong support plan 2014 and believe it should be implemented immediately. Having spent almost 30 years on the St. Lawrence River, the water levels have made it more difficult each year to reach our home. The only way to reach it is via boat and water levels get way too low. Marshes are taking over and we need 2014! Please implement it now!
Lauran Throop 30th August 2013 09:40:49
NY, Clayton,
I supported plan Bv7 and I support plan 2014 and I believe it should be implemented without further delay.
Lauran Throop 30th August 2013 09:30:29
NY, Clayton,
I support Plan BV7 and I believe it should be implemented without further revisions and delays.
Lee Willbanks 30th August 2013 09:26:07
NY, Clayton,
Please see the attached comments of Save The River, the Upper St. Lawrence Riverkeeper.
JACK STEINKAMP 30th August 2013 09:21:40
I was a presenter at the technical hearings in Rochester and the IJC said they would contact me to get a copy of my presentation. Since no one did, I am sending it to be part of the public comment. BTW...It was nice to meet you all face to face and thanks to Dereth for visiting our area.
Michael Fitzpatrick 30th August 2013 09:17:17
NY, Sodus Point,
I oppose plan 2014 regarding the water level of Lake Ontario
Jack Steinkamp 30th August 2013 09:17:06
NY, Sodus Point,
Over 19 NY State counties, hundreds of towns, villages and hamlets and hundreds of elected officials representing over 3,000,000 NY residents cannot support Plan 2014. These are facts and numbers that the IJC cannot ignore. There is no support for Plan 2014 from the south shore. We simply cannot support a plan that focuses the damages on one area and one or two interests while showing only minimal environmental gain and no investment form other areas. What the south shore CAN support is a plan that restores wetlands without damaging others. It may be a difficult job to come up with a plan the helps everyone and hurts no one but, that is what your all are hired to do! We need a wetlands plan....not a water level plan. I also ask that the IJC consider the quality of the public comment and understand that some groups have resorted to "zombie-ish," robo submissions that were canned automated submissions to drive numbers up. While we on the south shore certainly lobbied our friends and neighbors to submit comments, most from our area are individual and heart felt from people that have a lot to lose and who are starting to actually fear the IJC. The IJC also needs to understand that there is no emergency plan in place for "flash erosion" that is certain to happen when PLAN 2104 spring levels meet with a high wind and wave weather pattern. There will be some help for flooding but nothing for homes, land and public properties that wash away. Plan 2014 has the potential to cause far more damage than you estimate and if passed this IJC board and its current members, will be remembered for being part of that damage.
Ellen G. Detlefsen and her family of seven 30th August 2013 09:11:54
NY, Thousand Island Park,
We--a River-loving family of eight and a family which which has been affected by the St. Lawrence and its waters for seven generations (since 1875)--definitely support Plan 2014. We heartily believe it should be implemented now, please.
Janet Hoffmann 30th August 2013 09:08:07
California, Palm Springs,
During our family's 62 years on the River we have sadly watched the changes that have taken place with sorrow in our hearts, wishing for the old water levels to be restored, the fish to come back, the weeds to subside, the barn swallows and croaking frogs to return. I support Plan 2014. Thanks You
Susan Mazza 30th August 2013 09:06:11
NY, Rochester,
I do not support plan 2014 and feel that this will dramatically and unfavorably impact residents and the environment in our community on Lake Ontario.
Margo O'Brien 30th August 2013 09:01:07
New York, Cape Vincent,
Please pay close attention to maintaining the natural water levels on the St. Lawrence River. Not only is it vital to the whole Thousand Islands area, our little tourist community of Cape Vincent relies on the necessary water levels to support the activities of our tourists. Please consider the little details for our Small Business Owners.
Darden MacWade 30th August 2013 08:55:03
MS, Jackson,
After reading Plan 2014 I believe it is a plan that should be implemented immediately. The St. Lawrence River can be treated fairly as both a natural resource and a tourist attraction, and I believe Plan 2014 can achieve that goal. Thank you.
Lianne Snow 30th August 2013 08:20:35
Ontario, Colborne,
I have lived by the shore of this great Lake all my 50 years. I have loved it and felt a relationship to it. It has pained me from childhood to see the abuse it has suffered for shortsighted profit. Please support this 2014 plan to become responsible governors. You are my voice as I am steward.
Susan L. Kurland, Assistant Secretary for Aviation and International Affairs, U.S.Department of Transportation 30th August 2013 08:16:53
D.C., Washington,
Attached please find the U.S. Department of Transportation's comments regarding proposed Plan 2014.
Damian Weidmann 30th August 2013 08:16:31
NY, Rochester,
I strongly oppose and respectfully submit the attached document detailing my concerns