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IJC admin | 2016/05/16

Read IJC’s newsletters to stay current on how Canada and the United States are working together to manage the health and flow of the waters shared by our two countries. Read More »

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Balancing the Economy and Environment in Great Lakes Waterways

IJC admin | 2014/02/06

The Great Lakes Waterways Conference is an ideal forum for hearing a wide variety of views on issues that affect all aspects of the Great Lakes, from transportation to recreation, ecosystems, and economics. Participants find that it provides the kind of perspective that everyone needs to truly understand the consequences of environmental management decisions. Read More »

Wetlands Get a Holiday: World Wetlands Day

IJC admin | 2014/01/31

World Wetlands Day on Feb. 2 marks the date of the adoption of the Convention on Wetlands in 1971, an international treaty on the conservation of wetlands. Countries including Canada and the U.S. have joined. Read More »

Changing of the Guard: Canadian Chair Comuzzi departs; Commissioner Walker Assumes Responsibilities

IJC admin | 2014/01/23

After four years of service, the Hon. Joseph Comuzzi’s term as Canadian Chair of the International Joint Commission ended on Jan. 14, 2014. On Jan. 15, 2014, the government of Canada appointed Commissioner Gordon Walker as Acting Chair of the IJC’s Canadian Section. Read More »

The Great Lakes Are One Big Basin: Health and Environmental Data Should Be, Too

IJC admin | 2014/01/07

Health and environmental exposure data isn’t being collected in an ideal way, to allow public health and environmental scientists and managers easy access to examine and compare it across the Great Lakes basin. A report urges leaders in the two countries to make improvements that will allow scientists and others to better integrate data, and connect the dots between environmental risks and public health. Read More »’s Greatest Hits of 2013

IJC admin | 2014/01/03

Here are some of the most-visited pages on for 2013. You might call this a “Best Of” compilation, since we’ve included items from our newsletter, along with specific sections, publications and news releases. Happy New Year! Read More »

Dispatches from Ottawa: Good News, Good People, and Good Things to Come

IJC admin | 2014/01/02

A summary of highlights from the Fall Semi-Annual Meeting in Ottawa, Ontario. Overall, the news from the shared Canada-United States boundary was good. On balance, IJC boards charged with efforts to manage flows, water quality, and aquatic resources reported that people living along the waters shared by the two countries avoided extreme flooding and drought conditions. Read More »

2013 Resources from the IJC’s Fall Semi-Annual Meeting in Ottawa

IJC admin | 2013/12/17

A roundup of links to official Progress Reports submitted by some boards during their appearances before the Commission, and photos from Ottawa posted to our Flickr page. Read More »

The Great Lakes Compact Still Needs Champions

IJC admin | 2013/12/16

People throughout the Great Lakes basin continue to be concerned about water levels, water diversions, and what can and can’t be controlled by the IJC and other agencies in Canada and the U.S. Lana Pollack, the IJC’s U.S. Section chair, recently spoke in Chicago at a conference of the National Caucus of Environmental Legislators (NCEL) on “Great Lakes Water Levels and State Roles in Addressing Water Withdrawals and the Future of the Great Lakes Compact." Read More »

More on IJC’s Great Lakes Wastewater Treatment Study and Removing Chemicals of Emerging Concern

IJC admin | 2013/12/11

A recent article published in the Water Quality Research Journal of Canada titled “Protecting Our Great Lakes: Assessing the Effectiveness of Wastewater Treatments for the Removal of Chemicals of Emerging Concern,” highlighted the work accomplished by the IJC’s Chemicals of Emerging Concern multi-board workgroup during the 2009-2011 priority cycle. The paper focused on wastewater treatment in the Great Lakes basin and its effectiveness in treating chemicals of emerging concern (CEC). Read More »

Sea Lamprey Videos Invade Great Lakes Database

IJC admin | 2013/12/02

The Great Lakes Fishery Commission’s website has been significantly expanded with the addition of an engaging, open-access video database. The videos chronicle sea lamprey in the wild, sea lamprey spawning, various aspects of the sea lamprey control program, and cutting-edge fisheries research. Read More »

Lake of the Woods Water Quality Plans on Agenda for Semi-Annual

IJC admin | 2013/12/02

The IJC’s Rainy-Lake of the Woods Watershed Board is making progress on developing a water quality plan of study. Read More »

Biennial ‘State of the Strait Conference’ Tackles Restoration Targets

IJC admin | 2013/11/14

The purpose of each year’s State of the Strait Conference is to bring people together that are concerned about the Detroit River and western Lake Erie watershed. Those who attend discuss current efforts to strengthen the linkage between science and policy, and share knowledge and lessons to help better manage this shared bioregion where nearly 7 million people live. Read More »

IJC Semi-Annual has New Date, Important Agenda

IJC admin | 2013/11/12

The IJC’s regular fall Semi-Annual Meeting will occur this winter, following a partial U.S. government shutdown in early October. The Semi-Annual, originally scheduled for the week of Oct. 21, will now be held on from Dec. 9-12 at the IJC’s Canadian Section Office in Ottawa, Ontario. Read More »

Commissioners Give Prominent Talks on Boundary Waters Treaty

IJC admin | 2013/11/07

In recent months, two IJC commissioners were invited to speak at prominent events in Paris, France, and London, Ontario. U.S. Section Chair Lana Pollack spoke on the history of the Boundary Waters Treaty of 1909. Canadian Commission Gordon Walker spoke on how the Treaty has led to improved relations between Canada and the U.S. in relation to our shared waters. Read More »

New York, Ontario Residents Join Together to Discuss St. Lawrence River Issues

IJC admin | 2013/10/30

The International St. Lawrence River Board of Control hosted its semi-annual public meeting and teleconference at the State University of New York in Oswego, N.Y., and concurrently at the Confederation Hotel in Kingston, Ontario. The board presented information describing the IJC, the Board, recent water supplies, recent and forecast water levels, and the Board’s current regulation strategy. The meeting also included an opportunity for public comment. Read More »

Take a Ride on the Public Engagement Highway

IJC admin | 2013/10/24

A newly updated Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement includes new mandates that we’ll be using to make IJC processes even more open and public-focused. The goal is to make the best decisions after considering the science, options and affected parties. Read More »

Niagara Board Describes Changes to Crest of Horseshoe Falls, Addresses Public Concerns

IJC admin | 2013/10/23

What’s happening to Horseshoe Falls? Is a new power tunnel going to drain Lake Erie? To offer an update on various priorities and projects, the International Niagara Board of Control hosted its annual public meeting and teleconference at the community center in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario. Read More »

Controlling Water Levels on Lake Michigan-Huron is a Tricky Business

IJC admin | 2013/10/17

At its annual meeting in Milwaukee, the Great Lakes Commission hosted an interesting panel discussion about the causes of fluctuating water levels, possible contributing factors (including increased conveyance through the St. Clair River), and the various impacts on Great Lakes environments and economies. Read More »

Osoyoos Board Implements New Order of Approval, Explains Lake Level Elevations

IJC admin | 2013/10/08

This was the first public Board meeting since the new IJC Supplementary Order was introduced in January, and there were several questions on the rationale behind new minimum and maximum lake elevations in the new Order and concerns over high water levels. Read More »

Kootenay Board Marks Order’s 75th Anniversary, Answers Questions on Dredging

IJC admin | 2013/10/01

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the IJC’s 1938 Order on Kootenay Lake. This was the first meeting in Canada since record-setting rain events in spring 2012 resulted in Kootenay Lake rising to its highest elevation since upstream flood control dams were built in the late 1960s and early ‘70s. Read More »

Recalling 2011 and 2012 IJC Activities, and Looking Ahead

IJC admin | 2013/09/19

Time flies when you’re a binational agency that advises Canada and the United States on transboundary water issues. Our latest Activities Report, covering 2011 and 2012, sums up what the IJC was up to in 2011 and 2012. Read More »

Record Number of People Hear Updates on Lake Superior Regulation, Expected Water Levels

IJC admin | 2013/09/10

Stakeholders on Michigan-Huron and Lake Superior both voiced concerns about how the current regulation plan balances the levels of their respective lake, with citizens on Superior concerned over recent gate openings and citizens on Michigan-Huron concerned over the consistent below-average releases over the past decade. Read More »

IJC ‘Firsts’ for Great Lakes Week 2013

IJC admin | 2013/09/06

Great Lakes Week is when hundreds gather to share ideas and inspire region-wide action to protect and restore the world’s largest source of surface freshwater. This year, the week of Sept. 9-12 features two “first-ever” events in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Read More »

Souris River Board, Public Discuss Water Quantity and Quality

IJC admin | 2013/09/04

The International Souris River Board holds public meetings at least once a year to meet and talk with basin residents and other interested citizens. This year’s meeting, on Aug. 7, in Weyburn, Saskatchewan, focused on Board activities and objectives related to water management in the Souris River basin. Board members fielded questions from attendees and discussed current issues in the basin --- from drought to flooding, ecosystem health, and water apportionment. Read More »

To Adapt, or Not? Time Runs Out on Aug. 30

IJC admin | 2013/08/27

Some reasons to consider a comment on a draft Adaptive Management Plan for the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River system. This is the final step before the Commission makes recommendations to the Canadian and U.S. governments. Read More »