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IJC admin | 2016/05/16

Read IJC’s newsletters to stay current on how Canada and the United States are working together to manage the health and flow of the waters shared by our two countries. Read More »

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Board, Associations Focus on Rainy-Lake of the Woods

IJC admin | 2015/09/24

The International Rainy-Lake of the Woods Watershed Board (IRLWWB) had a productive summer, holding three public meetings in the watershed and participating in a new Binational Lake Association Network Event. The results will help guide environmental efforts in the basin for years to come. Read More »

Western Drought and Salmon Top Agenda for 2015 Osoyoos Lake Water Science Forum

IJC admin | 2015/09/16

Water can be a great glue – joining people together to help keep it clean and plentiful. The matter comes down to building relationships and understanding, so that when the going gets tough – as with this year’s western drought – we can pull together. Read More »

IJC Canoe Commute: Challenge Completed

IJC admin | 2015/09/01

An IJC canoe commute team paddled, portaged and prevailed. In early August, the team of four staffers successfully completed a challenge of canoeing on the water and carrying their canoes over land to work at the IJC’s Canadian Section Office in Ottawa, Ontario. They did it for a week, clad in office attire, to help promote water education in Canada and sustainable commuting. Read More »

Alewives Swimming, Restoration Winning on St. Croix River

IJC admin | 2015/08/27

One fish told another fish, and now alewives are returning to the St. Croix River. This year, more than 93,000 of the fish were counted entering the river at Milltown Dam in New Brunswick. That’s the most since 1998, when about 177,000 were counted. But populations of alewives still have a long way to go on the river. And this year’s high numbers aren’t a simple result of the river being reopened. Read More »

Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area Protects World’s Largest Freshwater Lake

IJC admin | 2015/08/19

Once formally established, the Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area will be one of the world’s largest freshwater marine protected areas. Read More »

AOC Stands for Areas of Concern, and Great Lakes Progress

IJC admin | 2015/08/13

You can learn more about AOCs and their environmental impairments, the clean-up process, the status of cleanup progress, and other AOC-related resources on a new IJC page on Great Lakes Areas of Concern. Read More »

Rainy-Lake of the Woods Watershed – A Busy Place in August

IJC admin | 2015/07/31

The Rainy-Lake of the Woods watershed will be a busy place this August as the International Rainy-Lake of the Woods Watershed Board hosts its annual public meetings and takes part in the first binational lake association network event for the shared watershed. Read More »

The IJC Canoe Commute Challenge

IJC admin | 2015/07/28

In an effort to promote water education in Canada and active and sustainable commuting, four staff members from the Ottawa office of the International Joint Commission (IJC) have accepted the challenge (inspired by the IJC Canadian Section Chair, Gordon Walker) to commute to work by canoe from August 4th to August 7th. Read More »

Governments Team Up on LAMPs for Great Lakes


LAMPs will be shining a light on environmental and other challenges in the Great Lakes. LAMP stands for Lakewide Action and Management Plan, and work to update plans for the Great Lakes is laid out in the latest version of the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement between Canada and the U.S., which entered into force in early 2013. Read More »

Severe and Urgent: Keeping Lake Erie Algae in the Crosshairs

IJC admin | 2015/07/13

You may have heard the latest forecast for harmful algal blooms in Lake Erie. Scientists are using the word “severe” to describe the threat this summer to the shallowest of the Great Lakes. Here’s another word that fits: urgent. Read More »

The Lake Erie Algae Puzzle is Coming Together

IJC admin | 2015/07/07

This is a problem that will take time to solve. But the solution is coming together in various forms. Exactly how we get there has yet to be decided, but that’s the next challenge coming down the river … or the lake. Read More »

Activities Report Highlights Canada-U.S. Cooperation

IJC admin | 2015/06/29

Our recent Spring Semi-Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C., was about looking ahead to 2015 and beyond, and looking back at accomplishments and challenges from 2014. Read More »

Clearing Blight and Cleaning Up Water in Buffalo

IJC admin | 2015/06/24

What do vacant and abandoned properties in Buffalo, N.Y., have to do with Great Lakes water quality? Quite a bit, it may turn out, once the Buffalo Sewer Authority (BSA) implements a new low-cost approach to transforming more than 230 vacant city-owned sites into green spaces that will help reduce blight while capturing rain and snow melt. Read More »

Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper: 25 Years of Collaborating to Restore and Protect a Healthy Niagara River Watershed

IJC admin | 2015/06/23

Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper is helping guide the transformation of a region in the state of New York from a historical rust belt to one that values and maintains the integrity of its freshwater systems as a major component of regional economic revitalization. Read More »

Visit the Soo Locks – and Lake Superior Board – during Engineer’s Day

IJC admin | 2015/06/22

On Friday, June 26, the Soo Locks in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, will be open to the public for the annual Soo Locks Engineer’s Day. At this event, visitors will have an opportunity to walk across the lock walls and get an up-close look at ships as they transit the system. A variety of other activities will take place as well, including a tour of the Cloverland Electric Cooperative Hydroelectric Plant; an Arts, Crafts, and Family Fun Fair; and tug boat races. Read More »

Lake Ontario-St. Lawrence River Water Levels: Wetter Conditions Return, Winter’s Impact Persists

IJC admin | 2015/06/18

Despite a return to more seasonable conditions in April and May, water levels throughout much of the Lake Ontario- St. Lawrence River system remained well below average through most of the spring following an exceptionally cold and dry winter. While water levels have more recently recovered following wet weather at the start of June, the lower than average levels, though not particularly unusual, have been cause for concern among many basin residents, particularly recreational boaters. Here, we provide background on circumstances leading to recent water level conditions, and information on what we might expect in coming months. Read More »

For Water’s Sake: Harmonizing Alaska and the Yukon Territory

IJC admin | 2015/06/11

An IJC hydrographic data harmonization team has been working to integrate and improve hydrographic data in the U.S.-Canada international basins. For too long, both countries have been unable to easily use each other’s hydro data geospatially. In simple terms, “geospatially” means putting all the hydrologic information together on the same map from both sides of the border. Read More »

Bringing Conservation to Cities

IJC admin | 2015/06/08

Putting Detroit and Windsor --- the automobile capitals of the United States and Canada --- in the same sentence as conservation may seem a paradox, but it really isn’t. Read More »

‘Protection of the Waters’ Needs Your Voice

IJC admin | 2015/06/02

For years, a report on “Protection of the Waters of the Great Lakes” issued by IJC in 2000 has been one of the most popular items at Until June 30, we’re asking people to revisit that topic, as part of a consultants’ 10-year review of progress that Great Lakes states and provinces have made in defending the lakes from diversions, bulk exports and large-scale withdrawals within the basin. Read More »

Celebrating 60 Years of Successful Sea Lamprey Control, Science, and Cross-Border Collaboration

IJC admin | 2015/05/29

In 2015, the Great Lakes Fishery Commission (GLFC) is excited to celebrate two momentous occasions in Great Lakes fishery management and restoration: the 60th anniversary of the Convention on Great Lakes Fisheries between Canada and the U.S., which finally ended parochialism in fisheries; and the 50th anniversary of the GLFC's lake committees, which ensure collaboration across borders. Read More »

Canadian Commissioners meet with new Minister of Foreign Affairs

IJC admin | 2015/05/20

The Hon. Rob Nicholson may be relatively new to the role of Minister of Foreign Affairs, but hailing from Niagara Falls, as a six-term Member of Parliament he certainly is familiar with the IJC’s role under the Boundary Waters Treaty managing water levels on the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River, as well in water quality under the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement. Read More »

Updates on Progress from Coast-to-Coast Highlight IJC Spring 2015 Semi-Annual Meeting

IJC admin | 2015/05/12

Our boards and task forces are busy, and our annual Activities Report has hit the streets. Read More »

Signs of Spring Pour in from Canada and the U.S.

IJC admin | 2015/05/12

When spring officially began in March, we asked for photos from the transboundary region, to help illustrate the end of a long and icy winter. Well, Old Man Winter stuck around for a bit longer than expected, but Mother Nature eventually cooperated. So did numerous folks who read our blog and newsletter to follow IJC activities. Read More »

Hear from ‘Unexpected Voices of the Great Lakes’ at Water Quality Board Event

IJC admin | 2015/05/07

Unique viewpoints and more will take the stage Wednesday evening, May 13, at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo, N.Y., during “Unexpected Voices of the Great Lakes,” a presentation and panel discussion cosponsored by the IJC’s Great Lakes Water Quality Board and Buffalo-Niagara Riverkeeper. Read More »

Canadian Ship Operator Leads on Ballast Water Treatment

IJC admin | 2015/05/07

Fednav, the largest Canadian operator of international ships in the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Seaway System, is the first shipping company in Canada and the Great Lakes to announce the installation of ballast water treatment systems. Read More »