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IJC admin | 2016/05/16

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Osoyoos Board Implements New Order of Approval, Explains Lake Level Elevations

IJC admin | 2013/10/08

This was the first public Board meeting since the new IJC Supplementary Order was introduced in January, and there were several questions on the rationale behind new minimum and maximum lake elevations in the new Order and concerns over high water levels. Read More »

Kootenay Board Marks Order’s 75th Anniversary, Answers Questions on Dredging

IJC admin | 2013/10/01

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the IJC’s 1938 Order on Kootenay Lake. This was the first meeting in Canada since record-setting rain events in spring 2012 resulted in Kootenay Lake rising to its highest elevation since upstream flood control dams were built in the late 1960s and early ‘70s. Read More »

Recalling 2011 and 2012 IJC Activities, and Looking Ahead

IJC admin | 2013/09/19

Time flies when you’re a binational agency that advises Canada and the United States on transboundary water issues. Our latest Activities Report, covering 2011 and 2012, sums up what the IJC was up to in 2011 and 2012. Read More »

Record Number of People Hear Updates on Lake Superior Regulation, Expected Water Levels

IJC admin | 2013/09/10

Stakeholders on Michigan-Huron and Lake Superior both voiced concerns about how the current regulation plan balances the levels of their respective lake, with citizens on Superior concerned over recent gate openings and citizens on Michigan-Huron concerned over the consistent below-average releases over the past decade. Read More »

IJC ‘Firsts’ for Great Lakes Week 2013

IJC admin | 2013/09/06

Great Lakes Week is when hundreds gather to share ideas and inspire region-wide action to protect and restore the world’s largest source of surface freshwater. This year, the week of Sept. 9-12 features two “first-ever” events in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Read More »

Souris River Board, Public Discuss Water Quantity and Quality

IJC admin | 2013/09/04

The International Souris River Board holds public meetings at least once a year to meet and talk with basin residents and other interested citizens. This year’s meeting, on Aug. 7, in Weyburn, Saskatchewan, focused on Board activities and objectives related to water management in the Souris River basin. Board members fielded questions from attendees and discussed current issues in the basin --- from drought to flooding, ecosystem health, and water apportionment. Read More »

To Adapt, or Not? Time Runs Out on Aug. 30

IJC admin | 2013/08/27

Some reasons to consider a comment on a draft Adaptive Management Plan for the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River system. This is the final step before the Commission makes recommendations to the Canadian and U.S. governments. Read More »

Get involved in Rainy-Lake of the Woods: Public Meetings Upcoming and Nominations Now Open

IJC admin | 2013/08/15

These are the first public meetings of the new Board, which combines the IJC’s former International Rainy River Water Pollution Board and the International Rainy Lake Board of Control. Read More »

Floods and Fact-Finding for the Champlain and Souris Basins

IJC admin | 2013/07/29

This month, IJC commissioners sent a letter to leaders of the two governments, recommending a Plan of Study for the Lake Champlain and Richelieu River. This plan, estimated to cost $14 million over five years, would examine the causes and impacts of spring 2011 flooding on the lake and river, and develop possible mitigation measures. Read More »

Pick Up the Phone for Plan 2014 on Wednesday

IJC admin | 2013/07/09

If you can’t attend the public hearings in person --- from July 14-19 in New York, Ontario and Quebec --- make plans to join in Thursday. Can’t make it Thursday? Another phone meeting is being scheduled for the same time on July 24, and you can use the same phone number. Read More »

How Can We Better Assess Water Quality? With Updated Advisory Boards

IJC admin | 2013/07/08

If you consider that the Great Lakes are the largest surface freshwater system on the planet, and that the lakes provide drinking water for millions of people, you’ll see that this is an activity that concerns us all, even if it may not sound too exciting. Read More »

New Commissioners Will Tackle Tough Issues

IJC admin | 2013/06/27

Commissioner Bouchard, of Roberval, Quebec, and Commissioner Walker, of Toronto, Ontario, join the IJC at a busy time. U.S. and Canadian commissioners have navigated numerous issues recently and will be getting even busier in coming months. Read More »

Tracking Invasive Species

IJC admin | 2013/06/18

Aquatic invasive species are said to be the second greatest threat to native biodiversity, next to habitat loss. The 18th International Conference on Aquatic Invasive Species, held recently in Niagara Falls, Ontario, examined this threat in detail. IJC scientists chaired two sessions on Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Risk Assessment, and participated on the conference’s technical program committee. Read More »

Give us your views on the new water regulation plan for the Lake Ontario-St. Lawrence System

IJC admin | 2013/06/14

When it comes to updating a 50-year-old management plan, there are two critical ingredients – science and public input – and both take time. Getting the science right and making sure the public is heard are the key responsibilities of the International Joint Commission as they consider a new approach to water levels management for the Lake Ontario and St. Lawrence River system. That’s why the IJC is now asking for public input again, because the approach has been refined since the last round of comments from people throughout the region. Read More »

New Great Lakes Director is a Water Vet

IJC admin | 2013/06/11

The IJC’s Great Lakes Regional Office in Windsor, Ontario, has a new executive director. Stephen Locke will be heading up the office beginning June 10. Locke comes to the IJC from Natural Resources Canada, where he served as director with the Geological Survey of Canada (GSC) in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Read More »

Celebrating 10 Years of Great Lakes Cooperation

IJC admin | 2013/06/05

The Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative, founded in 2003 by then-mayor Richard M. Daley of Chicago, is celebrating its 10th anniversary at an upcoming annual conference. The event, from June 19-21 in Marquette, Michigan, will feature climate change adaptation and shoreline management --- two issues central to the IJC’s focus, as well as economic development and mining issues. Read More »

Explore the Science behind the International Upper Great Lakes Study

IJC admin | 2013/06/03

The IJC’s recently issued Advice to Governments plays out, the Study leaves behind five years of science that has set a new benchmark for peer-reviewed research on the Great Lakes. After all of the work and funding that went in the Study, the IJC (and the Study Board) wanted to make sure all of the data was preserved. Read More »

Great Lakes Regional Office Director Dr. Saad Jasim Concludes Service

IJC admin | 2013/05/28

Dr. Saad Jasim has concluded three years of service as director of the IJC’s Great Lakes Regional Office (GLRO) in Windsor, Ontario. Read More »

Even with Structures, Changes to Great Lakes Water Levels Will Take Time

IJC admin | 2013/05/20

If you live in the Great Lakes region, chances are you’re anxious about continued low water levels, and what effect recent Advice to Governments from the IJC will have on the situation. The Lake Charlevoix Association recently sponsored a talk on the issue at Michigan’s Boyne City High School, which included U.S. Section Chair Lana Pollack. Read More »

16 Ways to Measure the Health of the Great Lakes

IJC admin | 2013/05/16

The 16th Biennial Report on Great Lakes Water Quality offers an update on how the health of the five lakes has changed since 1987, when the U.S. and Canadian governments signed the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement. Coincidentally, the Report focuses on 16 indicators, selected by experts, on the chemical, physical and biological integrity of lakes Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, and Superior. Read More »

Commissioner Knott Concludes Service

IJC admin | 2013/05/10

Canadian Commissioner Lyall Knott has concluded a four-year term with the IJC. Knott was the lead Canadian commissioner for important IJC boards including those covering the Kootenay, Osoyoos, Red, Souris and St. Mary-Milk rivers. Read More »

IJC Boards Report on New Lows, Averages and Highs

IJC admin | 2013/04/26

The work of the IJC is informed, supported and guided by the more than 20 boards that work in specific watersheds and along the Canadian-U.S. boundary. Twice a year, many of the boards appear before the IJC to report on progress, share current and forecasted basin conditions, and alert the Commission to emerging or ongoing issues of concern. During the IJC’s Spring Semi-Annual Meeting from April 15-18 in Washington, D.C., the boards reported on new lows, average and highs. Read More »

You’re invited to comment on latest Air Quality Agreement Progress Report

IJC admin | 2013/04/08

As of 2010, Canada's total emissions of sulphur dioxide have decreased by 57 percent from 1990 levels, according to the report. Meanwhile, the U.S. has reduced total sulphur dioxide emissions from covered sources by 67 percent from 1990 emission levels. Read More »

Preparing for Extreme Water Level Lows – and Highs – with Adaptive Management

IJC admin | 2013/04/04

The public has seen historic lows on the Great Lakes. Now comes a draft Adaptive Management Plan to address extreme lows --- and highs. The plan is a response to a changing climate and the limited ability to alter lake levels through regulation of flows from Lake Superior and Lake Ontario. It anticipates a future with extremes. Read More »

This ‘Algae Thing’ Must Get Better in Lake Erie

IJC admin | 2013/03/27

Lake Erie is a priority for IJC. Our U.S. Section Chair, Lana Pollack of Ann Arbor, Michigan, spoke at the recent 8th Annual Lake Erie Waterkeeper Conference at Lourdes University in Sylvania, Ohio, to hammer that point home. Read More »