International Joint Commission (IJC)
More than a century of cooperation protecting shared waters

Poplar River

In 1936,  the Montana Conservation Board submitted an application to the IJC to construct a dam on the East Fork of the Poplar River for irrigation purposes. The application was approved by the IJC, but the dam was never built. 

In 1977, the IJC received a reference to examine water quality of the Poplar River including the transboundary water quality implications of a thermal power station in Saskatchewan. The IJC recommended the establishment of a bilateral group to monitor water quality and quantity in the Popular River, and options by which water users in Montana could seek compensation for losses that might be attributed to the thermal power station. Governments established a bilateral monitoring committee.

The Committee reports to the IJC. The Committee's main responsibility is to oversee monitoring programs to evaluate the potential for transboundary impacts from the generating station and its operations. 


Poplar River Bilateral Monitoring Committee: Oversee monitoring programs to evaluate the the potential for transboundary impacts from the Cronach Generating Station and its operation.