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Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement Meetings

Under the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement, the IJC holds public meetings to gather information from Great Lakes residents to better inform its assessments of progress in meeting the goals and objectives of the Agreement and published in its assessment reports. Until the 2012 Agreement, the meetings were held biennially, as listed below. For specific information on any of these past meetings, please email

In the 2012 Agreement, work by the two countries and by the IJC is completed on a triennial basis. To ensure that the IJC heard from as many people as possible on the Progress Report of the Parties and on the status of Great Lakes water quality before it prepared its first Triennial Assessment of Progress Report, it held a series of thirteen public meetings around the basin in fall 2016 and winter 2017. It also invited comments and input via an online democracy website, Participate IJC, via its newsletter, Great Lakes Connection, and through emails and letters. To view any of the meeting’s presentations and public comments, go to ParticipateIJC. To read about the public meetings and the comments received throughout the consultation process, please go to the Summary of Public Comment Appendix. Future IJC public meetings to assess Agreement progress will be held triennially.


The IJC has archived its websites for the following meetings:

2011   H2O NOW: 2011 Great Lakes Water Quality Biennial Meeting in Detroit, Michigan

2009   Great Lakes Biennial Meeting in Windsor, Ontario

2007   Sustainable Cities, Healthy Waters: 2007 Great Lakes Biennial Meeting and Conference, Chicago, Illinois

2005   Kingston Biennial Meeting, Ontario

2003   Ann Arbor Biennial Meeting, Michigan

2001  MontrĂ©al Public Forum, Quebec

1999  Milwaukee Great Lakes Water Quality Forum, Wisconsin

1997  International Joint Commission Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement Public Forum, Niagara Falls ON

1995  Public Forum on the future of Great Lakes Science, Duluth MN

Earlier Biennial Meetings  (pre websites)

1993 Windsor, Ontario

1991 Traverse City, Michigan

1989 Hamilton, Ontario

1987 Toledo, Ohio

1985 Kingston, Ontario

1983 Indianapolis, Indiana

Annual Meetings

1981 Windsor, Ontario

1980 Cleveland, Ohio

1979 Toronto, Ontario

1978 Detroit, Michigan