International Joint Commission (IJC)
More than a century of cooperation protecting shared waters


IJC work is undertaken by way of applications and references which are organized by docket. Key documents such as letters from governments assigning work to the IJC, Task Force or Study Board reports to the IJC, and final reports and letters from the IJC to the governments are available from the website.


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Docket Region Year Topic
76R Red River, 1962 Hydro Power – Regulation
77R Lake Champlain, 1962 Waterway St. Lawrence R to Hudson
78A Great Lakes, Niagara Falls, 1963 Dredging – Niagara Falls
79A Niagara River, Great Lakes, 1964 Ice Boom – Niagara River
80A St. Croix River, 1964 Dam – Vanceboro
81R Red River, 1964 Water Quality
82R Great Lakes, 1964 High & low levels
83R Lake Erie, Lake Ontario, St. Lawrence River, Great Lakes, 1964 Lake Erie, Lake Ontario and St. Lawrence River
84A Columbia River, 1966 Regulation
85R Air, Great Lakes, 1966 Port Huron-Sarnia / Detroit Windsor
86R Great Lakes, 1967 Enhance beauty of American Niagara Falls
87A St. Croix River, 1967 Dam – Forest City
88A Great Lakes, 1968 Diversion – Lake St. Lawrence
89A Lake of the Woods, 1969 Diversion – Winnipeg
90A Columbia River, 1969 Regulation – Duck Lake
91R Skagit River, 1971 Water Quality
92R Point Roberts, 1971 Social Economic conditions
93A Kootenay Lake, Columbia River, 1971 Regulation Kootenay Lake
200R Great Lakes, 1972 Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement
94R Lake Superior, Lake Huron, Great Lakes, 1972 Lake Huron & Superior
95R Great Lakes, 1972 5 Great Lakes and channels
96R St. John River, 1972 Water Quality
97A Lake Superior, Great Lakes, 1973 Regulation – Lake Superior
98R Richelieu River, Lake Champlain, 1973 Flooding – Richelieu River and Lake Champlain
99R Air, Great Lakes, 1975 Air Quality - Detroit-Windsor / Port Huron- Sarnia

* Please note that the summary information provided in the web pages of the Dockets section has no official status. It is provided to help users find the primary documents.