International Joint Commission (IJC)
More than a century of cooperation protecting shared waters


IJC work is undertaken by way of applications and references which are organized by docket. Key documents such as letters from governments assigning work to the IJC, Task Force or Study Board reports to the IJC, and final reports and letters from the IJC to the governments are available from the website.


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Docket Region Year Topic
1A Rainy Lake, Kettle Falls, 1912 Dam – Kettle Falls
2A Rainy Lake, 1912 Boom – Watrous Island
3R Lake of the Woods, 1912 Regulation
4R Great Lakes, Lake of the Woods, Multi-regional, St. John River, Rainy Lake, 1912 Pollution – all boundary waters
5R Detroit River, 1912 Dikes – Detroit River, Bois Blanc Island
6A St. Marys River, 1913 Compensating Works – St. Marys River Saulte,
7A Lake of the Woods, 1913 Diversion – Winnipeg
8A St. Marys River, 1913 Hydro Power, St. Marys River Saulte
9S St. Mary-Milk rivers, 1914 Regulation
10A St. Croix River, 1914 Dam/Hydro Power – Grand Falls
11A St. Croix River, 1915 Dam/Hydro Power – Grand Falls
12A Rainy Lake, 1916 Boom
13A St. Clair River, 1916 Dredging – St. Clair River
14A St. Lawrence River, 1918 Dam, Weir – St. Lawrence River
15A St. Lawrence River, 1918 Weir - St. Lawrence River
16A St. Croix River, 1918 Hydro Power
17R St. Lawrence River, 1920 Navigation/ Hydro Power St. Lawrence River
18A St. Croix River, 1923 Fish ways
19A St. John River, Grand Falls, 1925 Hydro Power – Grand Falls
20R Namakan Lake, Rainy Lake, 1925 Regulation – Rainy Lake, Lake Namakan
21A Great Lakes, 1925 Bridge – Fort Erie, Buffalo
22A St. John River, Grand Falls, 1926 Hydro Power – Grand Falls
23A Columbia River, 1927 Dykes
24A St. Lawrence River, 1928 Weir – St. Lawrence River
25R Air, Columbia River, 1928 Trail Smelter

* Please note that the summary information provided in the web pages of the Dockets section has no official status. It is provided to help users find the primary documents.