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Procedures for Public Meetings on Parties Report on Progress Under the GLWQA


Meetings will start and end at the announced times.

Anyone wishing to speak must mark their selection when they register online or on the registration card that will be available outside the meeting room at the IJC registration desk.

The registration of speakers may cease an hour after the start of the meeting.

The order of speakers will follow the order that the cards are received online, prior to the day of the meeting, and those received at the meeting at the registration table.  Subsequent speakers from the same organizations may speak once one speaker from each organization registered has had an opportunity to speak.

If time permits, anyone who has already testified at the meeting, or at a previous meeting, may provide additional comments after others have had their first opportunity to testify.

Speakers will be limited to three minutes if we have a full slate of speakers for the time allotted for the public meeting.  At 30 seconds left a yellow card will be displayed. Once the red card is displayed your time is up. Please be respectful of others who also wish to present their views.

Speakers may provide a written statement at the meeting as well as pictures and other printed materials to support oral statements. Slide or multi-media presentations can be displayed at the public meetings if time allows but must be in a common current format and provided on a USB stick. Please check with staff at the registration table to determine if this can occur at the meeting you are attending.

The proceedings will be recorded and a record of the proceedings will be made available online at the IJC website and on its Participate IJC online democracy platform.

All speakers must identify themselves and their affiliation (if any) and use the microphone(s) provided to accurately record the proceedings.  Comments not captured by a microphone will not be included in the record of comments.

Written statements may also be submitted on the IJC website or by regular mail for receipt by December 15, 2016.

Banners, posters, fundraising, T-shirt slogan campaigns etc. or the distribution of non-IJC literature or other materials will not be permitted inside the meeting room.